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A Dinner with Housing Policy Experts

RSVP (max. capacity 20 guests)

MONTH2MONTH invites the public to join experts on public housing policy in New York City for a community dinner in a luxury apartment. In this cordial setting we hope to bypass some of the usual political posturing of panel discussions or the contentiousness of community board meetings. Join us for a lively, open-ended conversation about the ways public policy affects housing in NYC.  Can we talk about DeBlasio’s Affordable New York plan? The controversial 421(a) tax break for developers to build affordable apartments that just ran out?  AirBNB’s effect on the rental market? The themed dinner service will reflect back on the ways dining and culinary traditions reflect and shape ideas of public and private service. Special guests include: Neil deMause from the Village Voice, Adeola Enigbokan, artist and housing activist, and Heidi Schmidt, director of Government Relation, Dept. Homeless Services.