Congratulations on your stated income! You are earning more than 90% of your fellow Americans. We are going to need a bit more information to process your application.  Please read the instructions carefully!

Use this section to complete your household information. You must complete all the required fields, including detailed income and employment information.

  1. SUBMIT ONLY ONE APPLICATION PER HOUSEHOLD. You will be disqualified if more than one application is received per lottery for your household.

  2. Applications are selected randomly through a lottery. Depending on the volume of applications received, it may not be possible for all of them to be processed. Accordingly, it is possible that you may not receive a response.

  3. You must complete this part of the application in order for your application to be reviewed if it is selected for further processing. The application should be completed very carefully. Incomplete information for the number and names of household members applying may result in disqualification.

  4. The completed application must be submitted no later than the application deadline of March 16th*.

  5. Only the application should be submitted at this time. If your application is selected for further processing, additional information will be requested at that time.

  6. No payment should be given to anyone in connection with the preparation or filing of this application.

  7. In addition to the income requirements, other eligibility factors may be applied. These include, but are not limited to:

    1. Credit History

    2. Criminal Background Checks

    3. Credit Card balances

  8. Primary Participation Requirement: Any applicant ultimately approved for this development must participate in all related events, performances, and/or activities specified by Month 2 Month organizers. Therefore any approved resident will need to commit to participating fully with Month 2 Month. Violation of this requirement may lead to the loss of the residency, as well as referral to the appropriate authorities for failure to perform.

  9. Submission of False or Incomplete Information: Prospective applicants should be aware that this is a public art project. The submission of false or knowingly incomplete information (either in this application or in any subsequently provided verification documents) will not only result in an applicant's disqualification, but will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for further action - including the possibility of public ridicule. All paperwork and documents submitted by applicants are subject to review by More Art, a public art organization.

For more information, please review the "About" and "Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)" sections


Application Part 2 - High Income Applicants

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Please provide your Adjusted Gross Income for the last five years from your Federal Tax Returns*
Please provide personal net worth including stocks, bonds, securities, properties, art works, or other assets:*
Please provide your Social Security Number or State Issued Driver’s License number:*
Please provide the name of your current employer*
Have you ever had any criminal convictions?* If yes, please provide a detailed description.
Have you used any illegal drugs in the last year?* If yes, please explain.
Fossil Fuels *
Are you currently or have you ever invested in fossil fuels?*
What is your political party affiliation?*